Get the Local Lockdown Lowdown – Support for small local businesses


As part of our support for small local businesses, we’ve launched Local Lockdown Lowdown!

Local businesses are sending us advice, clips, photos and more of what they have been up to in lockdown and how you can still support them now and in the future.

Many small businesses rely on you and now, more than ever, we need to support them so they can be part of our future.

So, if you are a cafe or restaurant, share a video of you making or baking….

if you are a beauty shop, share some content about nails or even fails…

and if you are a hairdresser, how about some cutting skills or colour fills!

You get the idea!

We are looking for interesting and useful content (not just adverts) and we’ll get it out there as part of our Local Lockdown Lowdown

If you want to take part in the Local Lockdown Lowdown you can email content to